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it would appear that we're now up against each other in round 2 of NGADM! So I came here to check out your music and I though, why not leave a little review?

I think the crash/high-hat percussion you use in the first section is a bit too loud. It keeps taking my attention away from the otherwise lovely sounding music! at 0:56 to 1:30 i'm really missing some reverb. Everything sounds too dry in my opinion. Especially string instruments can benefit from some heavy reverb. Generally I think this track would benefit from more reverb in general! At 1:30 the track changes completely and it feels quite natural! Really good job! I love how spooky it suddenly gets at 2:25! Only thing I can really says is the white noise in the background is too loud. I'm unsure of how I feel about the music completely fading out at 3:00. I think some sound(s) should be left hanging. Like, it feels a little bit disjointed. The last section is a nice variation of the beginning. The only complaint I have is that the violin is panned to the left and there's nothing to (noticeably) fill that space on the right. The ending is very cool and epic!

Overall this is some lovely sounding music! I'm looking forward to hearing what you bring to the table in round 2!!

i'm currently going through all the submissions and this is by far my favorite. you make so many different sounds work really well together, which is quite impressive! this song kept surprising me and i couldn't stop bopping my head to it. the lyrics and backstory for this song made it even better.

but with the positive out of the way, i think it could become even better! generally i'm missing a bit of sub bass throughout the song. the drums are a bit too loud compared to the other components. the music box sound at 1:30 might be a bit too loud as well and could possibly benefit from some reverb. the impacts and crashes are also a bit too loud compared to other things as well. they could possibly also use a bit of reverb but maybe i just love reverb too much.

generally the only issues i could point out here are mixing issues. it flows really well and it's very catchy! really good job!

FateModified responds:

Wow, thanks, I’m glad you liked it! I agree with you that the drums are too loud. I have a problem with mixing with the volume louder than I should. I’ve been told before that to get a well-balanced mix as far as the levels are concerned, it’s best to listen to your mix at lower volume. I actually find that hard to do when I’m really into a song I’m working on lol, but I will work harder on that in the future. Anyway I believe that may be how the drums ended up louder than they should be. Oh and I love reverb too, but I try to not overdo it because of how quickly it can muddy up the mix. Thanks for all the kind words, and for your detailed review! :)

Damn dude this is awesome. My only complaint is that the drop is a bit too messy sometimes. I don't really know how to explain it better than that. Other than that, really good work on this one.

Good luck against me xD

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Holy guacamole that looks awesome!

Shye responds:

Thank you! :)

Dude that's really cool :D

Shye responds:

Thanks :3

Dude that is so cool! love the depth of the drawing! :D

Shye responds:

Thanks man :D

hi i'm a space girl who makes space music

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